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Khalid Hussain Taqi

Managing Director - Local Impact Investments

Khalid Taqi joined Mumtalakat in January 2024 as Managing Director, Local Impact Investments. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the investment field. Prior to joining Mumtalakat, he worked at Osool, where he held a succession of positions, the most recent being that of Chief Investment Officer overlooking the investment and asset allocation functions and was also a member of the Management Investment Committee (MIC)

Khalid commenced his professional journey as a member of the Transaction Advisory Services team at Ernst & Young, Bahrain. Throughout this period, he gained hands-on experience in a variety of sectors, including construction, banking, telecommunications, and real estate.

He holds a Master’s degree in Finance from DePaul University in the United States of America, and a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and Finance from Concordia University in Canada. Additionally, he completed several executive training programs at the London Business School, INSEAD and NYU Stern.