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Social Media

Last Modified 18 Mar 22

Mumtalakat uses social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to share news about the organisation’s key achievements, interviews, events and campaigns with its audiences.

The following are Mumtalakat’s existing social media accounts:

As a general rule, content posted by Mumtalakat on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn will be in the form of images, infographics or short video clips supported by descriptive posts that include relevant hashtags and social media handles. Content related to Mumtalakat such as interviews or significant news that are shared/posted by relevant partners, for example by newspapers, news channels, NGOs etc, may be re-tweeted, re-posted, shared or liked by Mumtalakat, as applicable.

Content posted on YouTube will typically feature videos of varying durations along with a brief synopsis. Hashtags and social media handles may be used as applicable.

The social media networks are independent organisations and are not affiliated with Mumtalakat in any way.

Mumtalakat may decide to deactivate any of the above-mentioned social media accounts at any given time.

Mumtalakat does not guarantee the accuracy of any or all information that is shared on its social media accounts and reserves the right to amend or delete any information that it publishes on its social media accounts, as it sees fit.

Mumtalakat is not responsible for any content, opinions or information published on its social media accounts by third parties, whether in the form of comments, direct messages, likes, shares or re-tweets. Mumtalakat does not in any way endorse or recommend individuals, products or services that may be mentioned on its social media accounts. Mumtalakat further disclaims all liability for claims or damages that may result from posting on its social media accounts.

Mumtalakat reserves the right, to the extent permitted under applicable law, to process, monitor, or retain all contents received via its social media accounts, be it through comments, direct messages, shares, likes and/or re-tweets, including personally identifiable information. By sending direct messages to Mumtalakat and/or posting comments, likes, shares and/or re-tweets on Mumtalakat’s social media accounts, third parties consent to such processing, retention and monitoring and also acknowledge and understand that any information shared by them through such comments, shares, likes and/or re-tweets can be viewed and accessed by Mumtalakat’s followers of its social media accounts.

Mumtalakat in its absolute discretion reserves the right to review, edit or delete any comments that it considers inappropriate or unacceptable, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Comments that are deemed illegal, false, obscene, degrading, abusive, political, offensive, provocative, defamatory, profane, threatening, harassing, racist, abusive, hateful or embarrassing to any individual, community, entity, government or country.
  2. Comments that are off-topic and redundant such as promotion of individuals, events, groups, pages, websites, organisations and programmes not related to or of interest to Mumtalakat,
  3. Defamatory statements or negative, personal and untrue comments about the organisation, its stakeholders and/or partners,
  4. Comments that violate the privacy of Mumtalakat’s stakeholders and/or partners.
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